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females exposed to nude male patients

2010 March 21


Original post:


Ok, I have conflict with this issue and some of the posters here have legit concerns and points in both directions. Im not commenting on men making sexual advances or inappropriate gesturers ect, that is obviously wrong or men being afraid to be seen naked by anyone. A few people have stuck there foot in there mouth of their own accord.
I think its necessary to identify myself in a general since to establish that I am not an 18 year old kid or sexist withdrawn bitter male. Im 30 years old, have a professional career in criminal justice, 2 BA degrees in CJ and Psychology and I am a professional MMA athlete and amature bodybuilder. I am 6’4″ 280lbs 7-8% bodyfat generally, I used to strip for bachelorette parties for a few years, I am not more than average looking above the neck but have an exceptionally muscular athstetic body and a penis that is thick just over 9 inches long, its even just over 6 inches long flaccid. Im a single and have dated in recent years an ER doctor, OT, Rad-Tech and two RNs. All that I have drawn information from.
My point here is, and I will explain the obvious problems for and against the issue, is that: {{{{{It is NOT ok for a female nurse/doctor/any medical pracitioner to examine, touch, inspect, certainly insert a catheter or even veiw a male patients penis for ANY reason even including an emergency situation. The most exposure they should be subjected to is a nude male fully covered in the genital region by a gown of some type.}}}}}
Now having said that the first gripe sure to be heard is, it’s unpractial to expect that in hospitals and clinics to have a male attend a male patient everytime especially in ER senarios. And that would be correct; however, this is not a justification. The unrepairable damage this does to the female is still just as real. There are so many regulations that we have to go through in society I dont think this is hard to see need to address a solution for. Just because its hard to fix doesnt make it any less wrong. Some men want a female to handle them, too bad, if it has to me done, it has to be done by a gender neutral party, period. There are a number of invalid reasons one may try to say this is ok but Im not going to explain away all of them being that the end result is assured to be wrong.
Now, why do I say its not ok for a female to handle a male patient? What is this ‘damage’ to her that Im speaking of? Its more than obvious to plainly see…if you just wipe away any confusions of interjecting any gender equallity debates that dont apply here and its handled professionally and the hypocritical cop-out to say “well it’s their/our job, someones got to do it”. Yeah, read a few notes from Hitler and you will see some congruences with that statement. Prostitutes get paid in many countries and that is their job, not gonna go on with that. I got paid to take my clothes off in front of women getting married that next day, thats wrong too. I regret now thinking how that husbands would feel if they new about their wife being with someone like me the night before when they in all likelyhood have no chance of competeing with on a sexual level, shows were full nude and explicit. Anyhow, it its IN FACT in and of itself sexuall for a female to view SOME males nude, no matter where is takes place or what the reason is. If I get naked in the ER or a clinic  OR a bedroom or hotel room and a female views my penis or touches it, she takes away that carnal knowlegde exactly the same. Oh, and haveing dated several females in this feild dont dare to try to cover anything with the term professionalism, I have experience first hand being a pro athlete and in hospitals the nurse and techs trying to get a look at me or reason to be in the room and the stories they go tell each other bout that big muscle guy with the huge penis. My exes told me plenty of stories about them with crap in the ER and OR. That is the way it TRUELY is. Could it be any more simple to understand that it is perverse for a female to handle many men’s, or even one, penises no matter what the explanation is? Imagaine you are a man, average in every sexual way, in a close relationship with a woman that just changed jobs and somehow today at work inserted a catheter into me because I got injured in a fight; she comes home that night” What did you do today at work honey? I saw this big guy and grabbed his penis that was so long i had to grip it with both hands to insert a cath tube and wow, it was bigger flaccid than you are erect dear. Dont worry i wore rubber gloves and was professional, I didnt get his phone number or anything. I’ve never seen a penis that big before but I am sure I will see hundreds more at work eventho they wont be as big as that one. And dont worry either honey, eventho he had an Adonis musclar body and huge much better penis, I somehow find your hairy beer belly and 5.3 inch penis special somehow. And playing with dozens of other penises in the future wont desentisize me at to the male form. I mean once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all right?”
I know that patients are 99% time when dealt with in these situations are old and nasty or in an emergency situation and arent specail in regaurds to penis size or sexual appeal, but the 1% still counts. If I’ve married and talk to 99 women at work but only sleep with 1 of them, does that make you feel any better, any less violated?
Quotes from blog above:
“and a penis is no more significant than an ear”
—is that a fact? want to have sex with my ear?—-
“Jealous men cannot be made un-jealous by reasoning. There is nothing you can do about his issues. Just do your job, don’t talk about it with him, and remember that it isn’t a big deal. Because it isn’t. ”
—-Yeah, no big deal, just stretching men’s penises around…if we ignore it it will go away. Jealous???? How bout NOT INSANE.—–
“It IS, in fact, totally possible to objectify the bodies one cares for. After seeing thousands of genitals, they are no longer the mysterious thing”
—-Do I even have to respond to that…thats the whole point. You want to be viewed as an object, as there is nothing special or unique about your body or sensuallity?—
“A few might think such desensitization to the sacredness of the “private part” is somehow inherently wrong, as if social mores were absolutes in all contexts, but this simply isn’t true. ”
—Holly crap,,, how dellusional are you…..—-

“A day is coming, fellas, when a nurse will see your penis. It might not happen until you’re 85 years old, but it’s very likely to happen. ”
In close I am sure a stethoscope carrying somebody will try to argue how I’m wrong.
So go for it, there is no flaw in my logic. You are either going to be a decent woman or one who plays with men’s penises no matter how you swing it…no pun intended.

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